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Conference_programme: 14.3 - Acoustic Regulations / Enforcement and Classification for new /existing and retrofitted buildings

Lecture: Sampling strategies for the verification of acoustic performances of buildings

Author(s): Secchi Simone, Cellai Gianfranco, Di Bella Antonino, Fausti Patrizio

Acoustic classification of buildings has been implemented in recent years in almost all European Countries but in only few cases a methodology for the verification of acoustic requirements in new and existing buildings has been defined.\nThe proposal of the new standard ISO/DIS 19488 on the acoustic classification of dwellings defines two alternative verification procedures; one is based on calculations, visual inspections and field measurements, while the other only on field measurements. In this second case, at least 10 % of all the types of construction of separating walls and floors, sufficiently representative, must be measured. Compliance is granted if the average results comply with class limits and no individual result deviates adversely by more than 2 dB.\nSome countries have defined a specific procedure for the field measurements; in the case of Italy, there are two national standards that deal with the procedure of classification and the sampling method for the field measurements.\nIn general, there are differences in the case of measurements aimed at verifying the compliance with limiting values given by national legislation and in the case of measurements aimed at verifying the compliance with the acoustic classification.\nIn the paper it will be presented an analysis of the measurement procedures given by national and regional regulations for the acoustic classification of dwellings and for the compliance to limiting values.\nExamples of application of different procedures will be referred to a case study representative of typical constructions.

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