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Conference_programme: 14.3 - Acoustic Regulations / Enforcement and Classification for new /existing and retrofitted buildings

Lecture: A simple system to quantify the improvement of impact sound insulation by floor coverings

Author(s): Beentjes Wim , Muchall Rein , Kramer Jan

In the Netherlands the impact sound insulation of floors is directly related to the sound insulation of the mostly concrete or wooden floors, without any influence of the floor coverings. This situation is originated after the discrepancy between the Dutch single number quantity Ico of 1962, based on a SNQ like L’nw and the results of perception surveys in the sixties of the past century. In the seventies investigations of Schwirtz and Gerretsen solved this discrepancy by developing a new SNQ the Ico of 1976 . a quantity that is more like the now defined LnT;A \nIn the period before 1975 nearly everyone in the Netherlands had all kinds of carpets on the floor, both on concrete as well as wooden floors. The use of carpet solved that problem, but after 1975 hard floor coverings become more and more popular and that caused again problems because the new SNQ was not suitable for this situation. In this paper the way to solve this problem is dealt with various parties: the Dutch standardisation committee, the Dutch government, the ISO, the unions of owners of apartments, the Unity of notaries, the social housing associations. Because there was no it was difficult to get a the way differs very much, the Dutch standardisation committee united acousticians and representatives of Dutch and Belgian producers of under floors and hard floors. The result is a new Dutch technical agreement NTA 5098 that introduces a unique star system for the acoustical quality of combinations of under floor and the hard floor coverings. With this system it will be easier to get in the job the wright combination of under floor and (hard) floor coverings. \n

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