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Conference_programme: 14.3 - Acoustic Regulations / Enforcement and Classification for new /existing and retrofitted buildings

Lecture: Acoustic classification of dwellings from national to international standard: a critical comparison.

Author(s): Caniato Marco, Bettarello Federica, Schmid Chiara, Gasparella Andrea, Schmid Chiara

The international standard organization (ISO) is currently working on a standard project (pr ISO/DIS 19488: 2017 E) describing classes reflecting different levels of acoustical comfort in new housing and a tool for characterizing levels of acoustical conditions in older housing. The Italian standard organization has provided a voluntary standard in 2010 (UNI 11367) and in 2012 (UNI 11444) based on acoustic parameters. Nevertheless, parameters, reference values, measurements methods and classification procedures are different from those in the ISO standard. \nThis work will illustrate a critical analysis on the two approaches in order to analyze and compare technical and economical enforcement.\n

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Name: Dr Marco Caniato

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Country: Italy