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Conference_programme: 14.2 - Harmonisation of classroom acoustics standards in Europe

Lecture: Influence of classroom acoustics on pedagogic process

Author(s): Tiesler Gerhart

A team of occupational, medical and pedagogic scientists investigated the influence of room acoustics on pedagogic process. Database for analysis was the continuous monitoring of more than 175 lessons at two elementary schools:\n\n• Classroom acoustics by reverberation time (RT) and speech transmission index (STI)\n• Continuously sound pressure level (SPL)\n• Type of work\n• Communication and social behaviour\n• Work load of teacher by heart rate (HR)\n\nThe first school had 4 classrooms with “very good” acoustics and 4 rooms with “good” acoustics, assessed by the speech transmission index (STI). At the second school the acoustics of one classroom has been approved from “bad” to “very good”.\n\nDifferences of classroom acoustics are discussed appropriately. The main question is: Which impact has room acoustic on the pedagogic process? \n\n• There is a high correlation between RT and basic noise level in a completely occupied classroom. As a consequence of this the working noise level also increases in relation to RT of the classroom.\n• Under bad acoustics the SPL increases from first to last lesson of the day. The result is fatigue increases linked with lost of concentration and increase of disturbances by students.\n• In classrooms with “very good” acoustics we observed a lower and nearly constant SPL during the day. There is a high correlation between STI and the basic noise level. The higher the STI the better is the communication between teacher and students and also between students.\n• Important is the “automatically” impact on better social behaviour of students in classrooms with good acoustics.\n\nIn conclusion, “very good” classroom acoustics results in much better behaviour, learning without fatigue, better communication and a more effective pedagogic process.\n\n

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