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Conference_programme: 14.2 - Harmonisation of classroom acoustics standards in Europe

Lecture: Less sound absorption is (almost) just as good - practical comparison in classrooms

Author(s): Ploetzner Thomas, Uygun Abidin

The results of a large number of room acoustics studies, especially in classrooms, have repeatedly shown how overestimated the sound absorption coefficient of suspended ceiling systems is handled.\n\nThe legend / argument of "the higher the degree of absorption the better" has not been confirmed in practical investigations. In the rooms studied, the inadequate sound diffusion of the examined rooms was often much more decisive than the pure absorption level. The previous findings make it clear that classroom acoustics require a properly balanced concept of ceiling and wall rather than the general use of highly absorbent acoustic products.\n \nWith acoustic concepts that are oriented towards project-related requirements, even more economical acoustic concepts for schools are possible. The practical experience gained over the years is presented on the basis of different study results.

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