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Conference_programme: 14.2 - Harmonisation of classroom acoustics standards in Europe

Lecture: DIN 18041 - a German view

Author(s): Nocke Christian

The since 1968 well established DIN 18041 was revised from October 2013 to mid 2015 to commit the room acoustic requirements for the implementation of the inclusion in the field of hearing and to take into account trends in modern architecture. The DIN 18041 standard “Acoustic quality in small and middle-size rooms” was published for the first time in 1968. It is clear that with this standard, the well-established knowledge in the area of acoustics in everyday rooms was summarised and made available as a basis for planning in a regulatory way. In addition to these technical and social aspects DIN 18041 with the new title "Acoustic quality in rooms - requirements, recommendations and instructions for planning" of 2016 gives clarifications and additions as well as deletions compared to the edition of 2004. These changes are presented and discussed. The revision of DIN 18041 provides clear and unambiguous guidelines described as requirements and recommendations for everyday rooms where the mutual listening and understanding but also finding of quietness is of significant importance. The official English translation of this German standard will be presented.

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Name: Dr Christian Nocke

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Country: Germany