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Conference_programme: 14.1 - Knowledge and research gaps for a better implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive

Lecture: Developments in Regulations for Sound Emission of L-category vehicles

Author(s): Dittrich Michael, Papadimitriou Giannis, Ntziachristos Leonidas, Steven Heinz, Durampart Marie

L-category vehicles include mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, trikes, quads and minicars in the UNECE and EU Regulations which cover sound emission. These vehicles are an important source of environmental noise, are growing in number, and are not properly reflected in noise mapping. Noise disturbance due to high peak noise levels caused by these vehicles is common along popular motorcycle touring routes, especially during good weather, but occurs also in urban areas. Reasons for high noise levels in practice include illegal exhausts, technical manipulation, excessive driving behaviour, lack of enforcement and a type approval test method in need of improvement. Local enforcement is essential to reduce disturbance, but the UNECE and EU Regulations also play an important role, covering sound limits, the test method for type approval of new vehicle types and provisions to avoid circumvention and to regulate market surveillance. Two studies were performed for the European Commission in recent years to evaluate potential improvements to the regulations in relation to the type approval test method and sound emission limits. The main findings and recommendations are presented in this paper.

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