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Conference_programme: 13: Noise barriers

Lecture: Design of noise barrier based on phononic crystals with resonant elements

Author(s): Radosz Jan

Recent years have seen a growing interest in the potential for the use of phononic crystals as noise barriers. They consist of periodic arrays of circular cylinders and are known to give high attenuation at selective frequencies as a consequence of multiple scattering. The frequencies of highest attenuation can be found by assuming that an integer number of half wavelengths fits the distance between the scatterers. However, this leads to a reduction in its usefulness as a viable noise barrier technology, due to the necessary increase in overall crystal size to increase frequency range of noise reduction. Additional attenuation bands may be achieved if the array is composed of resonant elements instead of solid cylinders. The paper presents two variation of resonant phononic crystal barriers applied to stationary but movable noise sources – power generator and air compressor. The results of simulation results were confronted with the results of previous work in this field.

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Name: Dr Jan Radosz

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Country: Poland