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Conference_programme: 13.1 - Noise Barriers / absorbive claddings / diffractive barrier tops

Lecture: Impact of building façade properties on noise levels in street canyons

Author(s): Szabó Daniel, Šujanová Paulína, Glorieux Christ, Rychtáriková Monika

This article discusses the influence of sound absorbing properties of building façades on environmental noise in general and on noise in street canyons in particular. The effect of multiple sound reflections from building facades on the increase of sound pressure level along the whole building façade and thus not only at ground level is demonstrated. \nSimulations were performed for a large number of variants that were created by combining different values for the sound absorption properties of the wall claddings, the sound absorption of the road surface and width of the street.

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Corresponding author

Name: Prof Monika Rychtarikova

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Country: Belgium