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Conference_programme: 13.1 - Noise Barriers / absorbive claddings / diffractive barrier tops

Lecture: On the reproducibility of airborne sound insulation measurements of noise barriers; a case study

Author(s): Roozen N.B., Glorieux Christ, Meganck David, Houtave Peter, Clairbois Jean-Pierre

The measurement of the airborne sound insulation of noise barriers is most often carried out in noisy environments, e.g. traffic noise. Moreover, the placement of the microphone array and loudspeaker relative to the noise barrier, and relative to each other, can in practice be done with a limited spatial accuracy only. Both aspects give rise to some uncertainty in the assessment of the airborne sound insulation of noise barriers. In this contribution, measurements will be discussed on a heavy concrete barrier. \nThe measurements were conducted according to the European Standard EN 1793-6:2012. Two measurements were performed, at the same location, with a time period of about 2 1/2 months in between. The correspondence between the first and the second measurement was within 1 dB accuracy of the single-number rating of airborne sound insulation DL_SI (1.1 dB for the 'element' and 0.1 dB for the 'post'), which was mainly caused by the heavy traffic passing by during the first measurement series. \nThe paper discusses the reproducibility aspects.

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Name: Prof N.B. Roozen

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Country: Slovakia (Slovak Republic)