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Conference_programme: 12: Noise and vibration control

Lecture: Control of resonant low-frequency noise simulations in different areas of small spaces using compound sources

Author(s): Giouvanakis Marios, Vrysis Lazaros, Sevastiadis Christos, Papanikolaou George

The industrialization and mobilization of human endeavor have led to increased noise production. Low-frequency noise is a major component of occupational noise, which is emitted from a variety of sources. Reduced perception abilities and risks to workers’ health and safety are some of the effects caused by the exposure to low-frequency noise. The modal field with intense resonances and the lack of sufficient low-frequency absorption are common issues in closed spaces. In workplaces, the implementation of noise control is focused on limited areas of occupancy.\nThe subject of this work is the investigation of low-frequency noise control in different areas of a common room model with a compound secondary source. Α primary source excites the room harmonically at a resonance, representing a steady-state low-frequency noise. Various topologies of compound control sources are examined in multiple positions for the attenuation of the noise level, as the radiation pattern is highly dependent on the coupling to acoustic modes of the enclosure. The aim is to investigate different compound set-ups as control sources, in order to attenuate a resonant primary field in different areas of interest. Numerical simulations of acoustic analyses are conducted with the finite element method. The driving parameters of the compound source that contribute to the maximum reduction of the primary source sound pressure level in the areas under control are calculated. The simulation results show the effectiveness of compound sources for active noise control in small closed spaces.\n

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