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Conference_programme: 12: Noise and vibration control

Lecture: Control noise for the coffee roasting process

Author(s): Magrini Anna, Stallone Melchiorre

In the coffee roasting process, various alerts can be used to individuate the final phase. They are represented for example by the temperature in the roasting camera, by the color of the coffee bean, and by the bean crackling that produces a typical noise.\nThis acoustic alert is often used by the expert roasting workers to decide the roasting level of the coffee. After the first crack, half of the coffee beans are roasted. To complete the process, it is possible proceed with a visual control of the beans color, or monitoring the temperature inside the machine. Another solution is to wait for a second crack that indicates the complete beans roasting. The technician can choose if going out some seconds more for a higher level roasting.\nThe acoustic signal of this crack can be a resource for the process control and could be used for an optimization process of the whole system.\nThe research intends to individuate the spectrum noise of the crack by separating it from the process and environmental noise and to study a procedure for optimizing the process control and the roasting timing.

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