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Conference_programme: 12: Noise and vibration control

Lecture: Implementation of the floor impact noise monitoring system through the field test-bed operation

Author(s): Haan Chan Hoon

The present study attempted the first try to control floor impact noise problems using ICT facilities called floor impact noise monitoring system which are consisted of sound and vibration sensors, wireless communication gateway and the main server with analyzing software. \nThe systems were applied to the 300 dwelling units at three apartment complexes in Korea for three months. The operating algorithm was made satisfying with the current regulations in Korea. During the real-time implementations of the system, warning sound was rumbled to the dwelling units where excessive impact noise was occurred. After the implementation, questionnaire survey was executed to investigate the resident satisfaction measurement. \nAs a result, it was found that the system is operated well in real time pursuantly with the algorithm and regulation. It was also revealed that the analyzed results of the system are in coincident with the measured levels. Also, it was appeared that excessive noise occurrence was reduced 14% comparing with the initial state. And residents replied that noise concerned stress was reduced about 20% in average. As a conclusion, reliability of the floor impact noise monitoring system was verified and the standard specification of the system was fixed for the system commercialization in future.

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