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Conference_programme: 12: Noise and vibration control

Lecture: User centric noise source ranking

Author(s): Antila Marko, Lamula Lasse, Kataja Jari, Isomoisio Heikki, Rantala Seppo

User centric noise source ranking is proposed as an extension to the conventional machinery noise ranking methodology. It focuses on the improvement of the machinery operator and additional personnel working conditions. Similar to the conventional noise ranking methodology, the partial noise sources are identified and their joint effect is evaluated. In the user centric noise ranking, the location where the combined noise effect is evaluated is the user or operator position. The operator may be inside a cabin, or directly exposed to the noise. Additionally, the noise data is analysed with psychoacoustic methods to obtain the noise annoyance for the experienced noise. This approach has been evaluated with acquired data from hard rock mining equipment working in real conditions. As an additional requirements, user centric noise source ranking also limits the used component analysis methods and ways to acquire the noise data, and some signal source separation methods do not work properly. Psychoacoustic analysis methods employed require acquisition of sound pressure as a time series, and this limits the available algorithms. This creates new demands for the data acquisition and analysis methods, but the possible benefits will outweight them.

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