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Conference_programme: 12.3 - Active Noise and Vibration Control

Lecture: Personal quiet zone through remote acoustic impedance control

Author(s): Laurence Thomas, Boulandet Romain, Desarzens Lionel, Lissek Hervé

Achieving a personal quiet area in noisy environments is of great interest in many situations such as workplaces, information desks, restaurants, subject to low-frequency noise disturbance. One of the main challenges is to achieve this without control equipment in close proximity to the user. This paper presents a remote impedance control approach to generating a quiet area in situations where global control of the disturbing noise cannot be applied.\nWe show that a relatively large zone of noise attenuation can be observed by using a set of collocated loudspeaker-microphone pairs and a decentralized feedback controller. More specifically, this result is obtained without any sensor or source in the desired listening area, nor direct monitoring of the disturbing noise. After presenting the optimal control algorithm, simulation results are compared to measurements in an actual room.

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Country: Switzerland