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Conference_programme: 12.1 - Noise control in low emission zones

Lecture: Methods and experience of monitoring and reduction of infrasound radiation in low emission zones of Russia

Author(s): Vasilyev Andrey, Vasilyev Vladislav

Infrasound is one of the serious sources of discomfort in conditions of urban territories. Especially important is the problem of infrasound monitoring and reduction in control in low emissions zones due to significant negative impact. Main infrasound sources in towns are considered. Methods of infrasound monitoring and assessment in town conditions are analyzed. Peculiarities of infrasound assessment and measurements in low emissions zones of Russia are described. Results of noise measurements in the territory of towns of Samara Region of Russia are presented. It was shown that there are exists the zones of urban territories with increased infrasound levels, especially in dwelling territories situated near to automobile roads and large industrial enterprises. Approaches to infrasound reduction and examples of its realizations for the territory of Samara region are presented. Infrasound mapping approaches are suggested. Presently there are not exists generally accepted international methods of estimation of infrasound impact in towns. Therefore it is important task to improve the existing methods of infrasound estimation, monitoring and mapping. Basing on comparative analysis of existing Russian and European methods of infrasound monitoring and assessment, new improved integrating methods are suggested.

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