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Conference_programme: 12.1 - Noise control in low emission zones

Lecture: Approaches to acoustical planning of towns (Russian experience)

Author(s): Vasilyev Andrey

Noise impact in towns may cause significant discomfort and health damage of population. That is why it is necessary taking into account noise factor during environmental planning of towns. Noise sources of urban territories are considered on the example of towns of Russia. Methods of acoustical planning and assessment in town conditions are discussed. Peculiarities of noise assessment and control in low emissions zones are described. It is pointed out that in many Russian towns the living areas are situated close to transport highways and to industrial enterprises. Results of noise measurements in the territory of towns of Samara Region of Russia are presented. It was shown that there are exists the zones of urban territories with increased noise levels. Peculiarities of cities environmental planning taking to account transport noise impact are considered on the example of Togliatti city of Russia. Approaches to acoustical planning of existing and new districts of towns of Samara region to provide the required sanitary norms of noise impact are suggested, including architect solutions, sanitary-protective zones provision, different kinds of noise barriers installation, restriction measures of high traffic movement near to the hospitals, schools etc.

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Name: Prof Andrey Vasilyev

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Country: Russian Federation