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Conference_programme: 12.1 - Noise control in low emission zones

Lecture: Evolution of the soundscape following the traffic closure on the right bank of the Seine in Paris

Author(s): Mietlicki Fanny, Sineau Matthieu

Since September 2016, by decision of the City of Paris, the right bank of the Seine river is closed to traffic along 3.3 km. Bruitparif has put in place a system for assessment of the modifications on the sound environment brought by this closure. This system was based on the implementation of noise measurements at 90 sites in and around Paris as well as modeling. At the end of a year of follow-up, it was possible to establish the following observations:\n1. Partial traffic shifts to the lanes located above the banks have generated an increase in traffic noise for residents. This is more pronounced at night (up to 4 dB (A) in some areas) than during the day (less than 2 dB (A) increase). However, during daytime there is an increase of noise peaks (horns, sirens of emergency vehicles ...) related to rising congestion.\n2. Other axes in Paris have also undergone a slight increase in noise likely related to the traffic reports, but in a more limited manner (of the order of 1 dB (A)).\n3. Outside Paris, especially on the ring road and major roads, no significant change has been noted.\n4. At the end of a year of observation, there does not seem to have been an adaptation of the behavior of drivers.\n5. On the other hand, traffic noise has clearly decreased on the bank which is now pedestrianized, as well as on the facades of the first buildings located opposite the right banks of the Seine river. However, with the beautiful days and the developments made on the banks (restaurants, terraces, leisure games ...), new sounds have appeared in connection with the recreational activities that have taken place, thus partially offsetting the decline in traffic noise.\n

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