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Conference_programme: 12.1 - Noise control in low emission zones

Lecture: Monitoring the acoustic performance of low-noise pavements

Author(s): Ribeiro Carlos, Mietlicki Fanny, Sineau Matthieu, Lefebvre Jérôme, Ibtaten Kevin

In 2012, the City of Paris began an experiment on a 200 m section of the Paris ring road to test the use of low-noise pavement surfaces and their acoustic and mechanical durability over time, in a context of heavy road traffic. At the end of the HARMONICA project supported by the European LIFE project, Bruitparif maintained a permanent noise measurement station in order to monitor the acoustic efficiency of the pavement over several years. Similar follow-ups have recently been implemented by Bruitparif in the vicinity of dwellings near major road infrastructures crossing Ile-de-France territory, such as the A4 and A6 motorways. The operation of the permanent measurement stations will allow the acoustic performance of the new pavements to be monitored over time. Bruitparif is a partner in the European LIFE "COOL AND LOW NOISE ASPHALT" project led by the City of Paris. The aim of this project is to test three innovative asphalt pavement formulas to fight against noise pollution and global warming at three sites in Paris that are heavily exposed to road noise. Asphalt mixes combine sound, thermal and mechanical properties, in particular durability.

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