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Conference_programme: 11: Measurement techniques

Lecture: Low-cost sound pressure level sensor for noise monitoring wireless sensor networks

Author(s): Honzík Petr, Vondráček Stanislav, Abramova Karina, Kolář Jakub, Brynda Petr, Jirovský Václav

Wireless sensor networks have become popular in the domain of noise measurement in recent\nyears for its ability of continuous noise monitoring. However the price of existing high precision measurement systems does not enable the use of high number of sensor nodes. Development of a small low-cost sound pressure level sensor allowing an easy integration into the measurement and communication unit through a digital interface is then of interest. The experimental device described herein contains a low-cost electret microphone, preamplifier, A-filter and a microcontroller calculating the RMS value and the sound pressure level in dB. The SPL is sent to the output of the device in digital format through SPI interface. The small dimensions, low price and way of control and communication enable easy integration of the device into the node of the sensor network. Herein the functionality of the device and the way of calibration are described and the results of the measurements obtained by the integration of the device into a running wireless sensor network compared to the ones obtained with high-precision measurement systems are presented.

Corresponding author

Name: Dr Petr Honzík

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Country: Czech Republic