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Conference_programme: 11: Measurement techniques

Lecture: Advanced Method for Measurement of Parameters of Multi-channel Sound Systems

Author(s): Zuzjak Ladislav, Turecek Oldrich

Multi-channel sound systems are very often used in many areas. One of the significant areas is playback of music in the entertainment industry. A specific area is high-quality car sound system. At the present, the sound systems in the automotive are realized using multi-channel loudspeaker systems positioned at different distances of the listening positions. These different placements of the loudspeakers cause strong non-uniform frequency distribution of the sound field. The possibility of the placement of the loudspeakers into the optimal position in the car is limited and very often it is not possible. Thus, it is necessary to solve the consequences of the inappropriate position of the loudspeakers on the sound field using of some sophisticated digital signal processing.\nIn this work, we focus on design of advanced method for measurement of parameters of multi-channel sound systems, such as frequency response, impulse response, time delay, etc. Based on these parameters the compensation of the non-uniform sound field can be performed.\nIt will be shown as a real measurement in the car cabin with subsequent determination of the parameters of multi-channel sound systems.\n

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Corresponding author

Name: Mr Ladislav Zuzjak

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Country: Czech Republic