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Conference_programme: 11: Measurement techniques

Lecture: Determination of the windnoise contribution from vehicle noise measurements on roads

Author(s): Bienert Joerg

Measurements of vehicle acoustics are highly developed. Beside road and engine noise the windnoise is an important contribution at high speed.\nUnfortunately there is no driving condition to sepearate the windnoise durning normal drive. Therefore windnoise development is mainly done in the windtunnel, which is very expensive.\nThe proposed method uses a correlation technique between the interior noise measurement and the airflow fluctuation on the vehicle exterior.\nFrom the correlation a gradient of the sound level and the speed change can be found. From that gradient the total windnosie can be integrated. \nSo by this method the windnoise, even in 1/3 octaves, can be found from public road drives.

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Name: Prof Joerg Bienert

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Country: Germany