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Conference_programme: 11.5 - Measurement of Airborne Ultrasound: Methods and Standards

Lecture: Ultrasound level meter for practical use in occupational health and safety

Author(s): Kling Christoph, Wächtler Moritz, Koch Christian

Airborne ultrasound finds more and more attention in noise measurement. The number of complaints about the effects of ultrasonic noise at public places as well as at working places strongly increased and led to a need for measurement capabilities above the common frequency range of a sound level meter. Unfortunately, ultrasound level meters or even suitable components are rare on the market. This was the starting point for the project “Development of an ultrasound level meter for practical use in occupational health and safety” funded by the TransMeT program of PTB. The aim is to design and to build a prototype of an ultrasound level meter for use at working places in occupational health. One of the main steps was to investigate the suitability of different commercial components at ultrasound frequencies, e.g. the microphones. The presentation will give a general introduction into the project and the ultrasound level meter prototype. First results on the component testing will be shown, such as the directivity of microphones and the influence of protection grids.

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Name: Dr Christoph Kling

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Country: Germany