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Conference_programme: 11.4 - Noise Monitoring

Lecture: Evaluation of the instrumental uncertainty of noise monitoring devices developed within the LIFE DYNAMAP project

Author(s): Nencini Luca, Bellucci Patrizia, Zambon Giovanni, Bisceglie Alessandro, Benocci Roberto

DYNAMAP is a LIFE+ project, co-funded by the European Community, which aims to develop a dynamic acoustic mapping system to detect and represent in real time the acoustic impact generated by road infrastructures.\nAs a part of the Dynamap project, low-cost monitoring stations have been designed and implemented on the ring road in Rome and in the municipality of Milan. Since the instrumentation used is not class I type, the measurement uncertainty has been roughly defined within a range of 2 dB(A). Therefore, an accurate evaluation of the instrumental uncertainty is necessary.\nIn this paper we propose an evaluation of the instrumental uncertainty restricted to the type of noise in question and to the environmental conditions of operation of the sound level meters.\nThe accuracy of calculated short time Leq will be also estimated by means of standard sound level meters coupled with the low-cost devices

Corresponding author

Name: Dr Luca Nencini

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Country: Italy