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Conference_programme: 11.4 - Noise Monitoring

Lecture: Medusa: a new approach for noise management and control in urban environment

Author(s): Mietlicki Christophe, Mietlicki Fanny

Five years ago, Bruitparif conducted a study in some lively districts of Paris, using standard noise monitoring stations. One of the difficulties encountered was the inability to assign a noise to a particular source, which greatly invalidated the possibility of setting up autoregulation or penalization. Classical approaches using automated audio analysis were not possible due to lack of power and CPU. Anyway, they would have been of moderate help because of the complexity of urban noise mixtures.\nIn order to build the opposable evidence of the origin of disturbance, Bruitparif designed and patented a noise monitoring device that combines four microphones and two optical systems in a way that it is now possible to represent noise levels on a 360° image of the environment. By doing so, noise origin can now be considered as an evidence, replacing the complexity of answering the question “what kind of noise is it?” by the question “where does the dominant noise comes from ?”. A companion mobile application completes the device and enables people to examine noise spatial distribution at a given location during a given period of time.\nThis new device called “Medusa” due to its typical shape, opens new perspectives for the management and control of noise in the urban environment, by giving the authorities an opposable evidence criteria on which to rely on.

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Name: Ms Fanny MIETLICKI

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