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Conference_programme: 11.4 - Noise Monitoring

Lecture: Directivity measurements of environmental noise immission

Author(s): Prezelj Jurij

State of the art environmental noise monitoring systems are based on digital signal processing. In general, they perform computation and storage of noise levels, spectral filtering, narrowband spectral analysis, evaluation of statistical indices, wave recordings, detection of noise events based on thresholds, and other similar tasks. Increase in processing power can be further exploited to develop more sophisticated apparatus capable of complex processing of multichannel sound signals and other data. Consequently, a research has been undertaken to develop a new measurement method for environmental noise monitoring systems; the automatic identification of the dominant noise source direction. Implementation of this feature into noise monitoring equipment reduces a need for human resources, resulting in reduced measurement costs, and in more accurate results. The main advantage of the new measurement method is its ability to provide additional information which is necessary for design of proper noise control measures in complex noise environment.

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Name: Prof Jurij Prezelj

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Country: Slovenia