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Conference_programme: 11.4 - Noise Monitoring

Lecture: Initial verification measurements of Dynamap predictive model

Author(s): Zambon Giovanni, Angelini Fabio, Roman H. Eduardo, Aggio Alessandro Flavio, Cambiaghi Marco, Benocci Roberto

Dynamap project addresses the question about the possibility to create a dynamic acoustic map in the city of Milan based on statistical consideration and the general observation of traffic regularity. Based on these analysis and on a limited number of monitoring stations, we developed a method for predicting the traffic noise in an extended urban area. Initial verification measurements of Dynamap predictive model are presented. Traffic and noise measurements have been performed in order to confirm both the non-acoustic parameter chosen to attribute a generic road a specific cluster membership and the noise predicted by our statistical model.

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Corresponding author

Name: Dr Giovanni Zambon

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Country: Italy