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Conference_programme: 11.3 - Advanced Measurement techniques in building acoustics - part 2: Experimental vibroacoustics

Lecture: Challenges and limitations using the Integral Transform Method to obtain the impact noise level of timber floors

Author(s): Conta Simone, Homb Anders

The Woodsol project aims at developing long span lightweight floors based on a wood-box concept for timber buildings with high architectural flexibility. The major challenge regarding impact sound insulation is expected to be at low and medium frequencies. The impact noise level of the building element needs to be measured but no building acoustics laboratory offers an opening with a size of 8 to 10 m. For this reason, we intend to use the Integral Transform Method (ITM) to determine the impact noise level. The input to the ITM is the measured vibration velocity on the building element. Based on the spatial Fourier transformation, the ITM can be used to calculate the radiated sound power in the wave number domain. From that, the impact noise level is calculated. The result shall be comparable with results obtained performing measurements according to the relevant standards. Preliminary measurements were performed on a prototype floor. Assessment of the measured vibration levels and calculated impact noise levels will be given. The practical challenges and limitations encountered so far will also be addressed and discussed in this paper.

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