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Conference_programme: 11.3 - Advanced Measurement techniques in building acoustics - part 2: Experimental vibroacoustics

Lecture: An experimental study into the airborne sound transmission through a partition wall in buildings via structural transmissions of window profiles; A case study.

Author(s): Roozen N.B., Zatko Peter, Urban Daniel, Niemczanowski Alexander, Muellner Herbert

In this paper explorative measurements are discussed to investigate the transmission paths that were responsible for the airborne sound transmission through a partition wall of a specific building. A wide range of measurement tools were used for that purpose: acoustic measurements to determine DnT according to ISO16283-1, followed by structural vibration measurements on parts of the partition wall as well as on the window profile, and sound intensity measurements. All types of measurements point towards a structural vibration transmission path of the window frame. The effect of a rubber dilatation in the window frame profile is discussed as well.

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Corresponding author

Name: Dr N.B. Roozen

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Country: Slovakia (Slovak Republic)