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Conference_programme: 11.2 - Advanced Measurement techniques in building acoustics - part 1: New and consolidated material

Lecture: Individual uncertainty calculations of sound insulation measurements: a proposal of compromise values for 1/3 octave bands correlation coefficients

Author(s): Monteiro Carolina, Johansson Reine , Machimbarena María , Borin Marcel

When considering the uncertainty of sound insulation measurements, there are two different approaches: to use standardized uncertainties as per ISO 12999-1 or to make individual uncertainty calculations for each measurement and corresponding single number quantity. When following the second approach, it is accepted that the uncertainty of any 1/3 octave band sound insulation measurement is frequency dependent. The uncertainty of the corresponding single number quantity is then affected both by the uncertainty of each 1/3 octave band and by the correlation between 1/3 octave band sound insulation values. The purpose of this paper is, for airborne sound insulation, to further study the weight of different uncertainty components when making individual uncertainty assessments and to propose compromise values for the in situ 1/3 octave bands sound insulation correlation coefficients.

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