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Conference_programme: 11.2 - Advanced Measurement techniques in building acoustics - part 1: New and consolidated material

Lecture: ISO 10140 series, impossible way to manage low frequency measurements and to improve overall reproducibility?

Author(s): Jean-Baptiste Chéné, Frédéric Fallais, Corentin Coguenanff, Catherine Guigou-Carter, David Rousseau, Arthur Di Ruzza

In this paper, we will investigate several ways to improve ISO 10140 series regarding reproducibility and low frequency. All those investigations have been undertaken keeping in mind that we have to deal with existing facilities that cannot realistically be rebuilt. With such a constraint, the question we asked ourselves is: how can we improve measurements? This work has been done after the last ISO 10140-4 Annex A draft revision (requirement for low frequency measurement). We have investigated the number of diffusers, of loudspeaker position, but also the impact of using synchronized but uncorrelated sources instead of one source position after one other.\nUsing synchronized but uncorrelated sources, a major technical question is how to equalize the contribution of each sources so that one does not prevail. We have tested an idealization in third octave band to a pink noise after one turn of rotating boom, but also one in narrowband.\nEffects on the airborne sound insulation itself, but also on repeatability and reproducibility will be presented for three different facilities. A numerical investigation will also be presented in order to compare tendencies with FEM/BEM approaches.\n

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