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Conference_programme: 11.1 - Measurement / modelling / assessment of industrial noise

Lecture: The use of the bootstrap method for determining the sound power level

Author(s): Stępień Bartłomiej

The possibility of using the bootstrap method to determining sound power level for precision, engineering and survey methods was presented in this paper. Minimum values of the bootstrap algorithm input parameters have been determined for estimation of sound power level for each methods. Two independent simulation experiments have been performed for that purpose. The first experiment served to determine the impact of original random sample size, and the second to determine the impact of number of the bootstrap replications on the accuracy of estimation of sound power level. The inference has been carried out based on results of non-parametric statistical tests at significance level α=0.05. The statistical analysis has shown that the minimum size of original random sample n used to estimate the values of sound power level should be 4 elements for precision and survey methods, and 6 elements for engineering method. The minimum number of bootstrap replications necessary for estimation of sound power level should be B=5500. The study on usefulness and effectiveness of the bootstrap method to determination of sound power level in real-life situation was carried out with the use of data representing actual results. The data used to illustrate the proposed solutions and carry out the analysis were results of sound power levels of reference sound power source B&K 4205 were used.

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Name: Dr Bartłomiej Stępień

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