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Conference_programme: 1.1 - Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials

Lecture: Gain and loss enhancement of passive and active materials in a square periodic array of cylinders.

Author(s): Bravo-Castillero Julian, Sabina Federico, Ramírez-Torres Ariel, Guinovart-Diaz Raul, Rodriguez-Ramos Reinaldo

The asymptotic homogenization method is applied to complex dielectric two-phase fibrous compos-\nites. Under continuity conditions at the interfaces, we derive closed-form formulas for the complex\ndielectric effective tensor in the case of isotropic non-overlapping circular inclusions embedded in an\nisotropic square matrix. These formulas are given in terms of a symmetrical matrix which facilitates\nthe implementation of the computational scheme, and are advantageous for estimating gain and loss\nenhancement properties of active and passive fibrous composites. Numerical computations are per-\nformed in order to find the regions where enhancement properties are guaranteed. This study may\nbe of interest in the context of metamaterials.

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Name: Prof Federico Sabina

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Country: Mexico