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Conference_programme: 11.1 - Measurement / modelling / assessment of industrial noise

Lecture: On adaption of psychoacoustical loudness measure for differentiate impulsive noise events

Author(s): Kukulski Bartłomiej, Wszołek Tadeusz

Due to the subjective perception of the noise, determining the degree of annoyance of an acoustic signal containing bothersome features can be highly complex process. One such example is the impulsive noise. Typical measurable noise parameters such as exposure or equivalent sound level, A or C-weighted, their combinations or frequency spectrum are most often used for energy assessment, but their usability in cases where the degree of true annoyance caused by impulsive noise is limited. In this case, it is a need for use other measures that would be better correlated with the subjective features of the auditory impression, and therefore more useful in its objective evaluation. For this purpose common psychoacoustic measure – loudness was proposed as promising indicator. The definition of loudness was presented and then adapted to the objective set out in this paper. Values of thereof was calculated, and the analysis of the results obtained on the basis of test material - impulsive noise generated during a collision of train cars in industrial environment. Based on the results, the degree of usefulness in differentiating the annoyance of impulsive sounds was determined.

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Corresponding author

Name: Mr Bartłomiej Kukulski

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Country: Poland