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Conference_programme: 11.1 - Measurement / modelling / assessment of industrial noise

Lecture: Determination of Transformer Sound Power Level in respect to Test Method and Measurement Conditions

Author(s): Swiatkowski Michal, Jaros Adam, Kozupa Michal, Ploetner Christoph

While the sound power level of a transformer is a unique device characteristic, its determination is influenced by many factors. The final test result of a transformer sound measurement is affected by the selected test method but also by the measurement conditions given in the specific test environment and the conditions that are pre-set in the applicable sound measurement standard.\n\nLatest version of IEC 60076-10 “Power Transformers – Determination of sound levels”, published in year 2016, provides clear instructions for transformer sound level measurements. Such requirements can be technically and practically seen as a best approach in average and are therefore justified as standard requirements, they however cannot be considered acoustically as the only possible and absolute true way for a transformer sound measurement! In practice, deviations from the standard test requirements become often necessary for mainly practical constraints and cannot be avoided. Even though, such deviations are technically and acoustically justified – it is important to know how much an actually measured sound level can deviate from the sound level hypothetically measured entirely according standard test requirements. The paper will discuss a number of affecting parameters.

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