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Conference_programme: 10: Health effects of sound

Lecture: Road traffic noise exposure and development of body mass index from birth to adolescence

Author(s): Wallas Alva, Ekström Sandra, Eriksson Charlotta, Gruzieva Olena, Bergström Anna, Sjöström Mattias, Ögren Mikael, Bottai Matteo, Pershagen Göran, Pyko Andrei

Introduction: Traffic noise exposure has recently been associated with markers of obesity in adults. However, studies on children and adolescents are limited. In this longitudinal study we investigated body mass index (BMI) development from birth to adolescence in relation to exposure to road traffic noise. Furthermore, birth weight and gestational age were assessed in relation to maternal traffic noise exposure during pregnancy.\nMethods: We calculated BMI for 4072 participants in the Swedish birth cohort BAMSE from birth to 16 years of age based on information on weight and height from medical examinations, questionnaires and health records. A birth register provided information on birth weight and gestational age. Road traffic noise levels at the most exposed façade were estimated for all the residences of each study subject, as well as of their mothers during pregnancy, and time weighted average levels were calculated for different time windows. Logistic and quantile regression models were used to estimate associations between exposure to road traffic noise and various outcomes. \nResults: No consistent associations were evident between cumulative road traffic noise exposure and BMI development from birth to adolescence. However, we observed statistically significant increases in BMI related to road traffic noise exposure at ages 4-8 and 8-12 years (p<0.001). In contrast, noise exposure from birth until 4 years of age was associated with a decreased BMI. Furthermore, there was a decreased of risk preterm birth (p=0.02) in relation to traffic noise exposure during pregnancy, but no association was found in relation to birth weight. \nConclusion: We did not see consistent associations between road traffic noise exposure and BMI development from birth to adolescence, although statistically significant relationships appeared in some age groups. Maternal exposure during pregnancy may be associated with duration of pregnancy.

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