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Conference_programme: 10.4 - Noise indicators for impact assessment

Lecture: Maximum sound pressure level as an additional criterion for the assessment of railway noise at night: Acoustic criteria for the maximum-level in regulations

Author(s): Möhler Ulrich, Müller Uwe, Liepert Manfred, Skowronek Viktor, Schreckenberg Dirk

The equivalent-continuous sound pressure level is the standard acoustic parameter to assess rail-way noise. In a report on behalf of the Hessian Ministry of the Environment, the additional application of the maximum sound pressure level was to be consider; especially the question was to be answer, to what extent a maximum level criterion compared to the equivalent-continuous sound pressure level Leq can more effectively describe the effect of rail traffic noise at night. This presentation describes the acoustic characteristics of the maximum sound pressure level of rail traffic and compares it with the equivalent continuous sound level. On the basis of the calculation of CNOSSOS EU, a calculation method is developed with which the maximum sound pressure level of train passings can be predicted. Derived from the psychological effect criteria (see Schreckenberg et al.) and the physiological criteria (see Müller et al.), possibilities for introducing a maximum sound pressure level criteria are developed and their effects are illustrated by case studies.

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