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Conference_programme: 10.4 - Noise indicators for impact assessment

Lecture: Aircraft noise annoyance - Present exposure-response relations

Author(s): Guski Rainer, Dirk Schreckenberg, Rudolf Schuemer

In the world of noise effects research, there is some debate about the stability of exposure-response relations for aircraft noise over the years. Some recent publications found a considerably higher percentage of highly annoyed residents as compared to the so-called EU standard curve for aircraft noise as well as to Appendix E of ISO 1996:1-2016. Other recent publications maintain that exposure-response relations are stable, except for studies performed in high-rate change conditions (e.g. public discussions about airport expansion plans). Differences between datasets and studies used to support the one or the other position in the debate are examined, and factors contributing to the differences between old and recent exposure-response relations are explored. It is shown that the rate of airport change does in fact contribute much to the difference between old and recent curves, however, other factors, like methods and variables for estimating aircraft noise (e.g. calculating aircraft noise levels at large distances from the airport, estimating the fleet mix and number of events), design for the selection of participants, type of study, and societal values may contribute, too.

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