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Euronoise 2018: 1.1 - Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials

Lecture: Towards a Novel Acoustic Absorber Using a Magnetically Induced Geometric Nonlinearity in an Elastic Membrane

Author(s): Shearer Douglas John, Dance Stephen

Since Vakakis, Gendelman and Kerschen’s work on Energy Pumping between a linear system and nonlinear attachment, the idea of nonlinear energy sinks exploiting Targeted Energy Transfer (TET) have been explored extensively. They promise a novel passive, broadband dissipative mechanism with many potential applications. \nFrom initial empirical investigations, it appears that the original targeted energy pumping approach could be applied to develop a novel passive, broadband dissipative mechanism with many potential acoustic applications, with the expected narrow dynamic range being the initial substantial challenge.\nThis paper reports ongoing research work on the potential acoustic usability of the TET mechanism using elastic membranes leading to an assessment of prospective use in the context of music performance spaces. An experimental investigation was undertaken in which a geometric nonlinearity was imposed upon an elastic membrane by means of an electromagnet with a view to tuning it’s dynamic behaviour to incident energy. Results are compared against previous works which create nonlinearity through mechanical means or through bias pressurisation.

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