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Session Lecture Authors Country
2.1 - Aeroacoustics Flow acoustic modeling of a slit resonator using linearized Navier-Stokes equations Vandemaele Simon, Denayer Hervé, Tournadre Jonathan, De Roeck Wim, Desmet Wim Belgium
2.1 - Aeroacoustics Full scale experimental model investigation in an anechoic chamber of the generation of aeolian tones in aerodynamic sound by airflow around glass fins mounted on the façade of the new Headquarters of the Interuniversity Micro Electronics Centre, Leuven, Belgium. Tournoy Dirk Belgium
2.1 - Aeroacoustics Aeroacoustic Resonance of a Tube Array in a Ducted Flow at Different Reynolds Number and Pitch Ratio Paduano Cristina , Okolo Dr.Patrick Ireland
2.1 - Aeroacoustics Prediction of fine scale jet mixing noise refraction effects using a two-step propagation technique Martelet Yann, Bailly Christophe France
20.1 - Indoor soundscaping Esquis’Sons ! Sketching soundscapes by using parametric tools: application to the design of balconies, loggias, terraces and corridors of building facades Remy Nicolas, Marchal Theo, Chelkoff Grégoire, Amini Hengameh, Bardyn Jean-Luc, Gamal Noha France
20.1 - Indoor soundscaping Occupant experience of indoor soundscapes in university office spaces Aburawis Ayad A Mohamed , Dokmeci Yorukoglu Papatya Nur Turkey
20.1 - Indoor soundscaping The relationship between noise sensitivity and soundscape appraisal of care professionals in their work environment: a case study in Nursing Homes in Flanders, Belgium Aletta Francesco, Vander Mynsbrugge Tara, Thomas Pieter, Filipan Karlo , Botteldooren Dick, Petrovic Mirko, De Vriendt Patricia, Van De Velde Dominique, De Vos Paul Belgium
20.1 - Indoor soundscaping Effects of exposure to rural soundscape on psychological restoration Lee Pyoung Jik, Park Sang Hee, Jung Timothy United Kingdom
20.1 - Indoor soundscaping An Experimental Study on the Influence of Environmental Noise on Students’ Attention Zhang Zhen, Zhang Yuan, Kang Jian China
20.1 - Indoor soundscaping PARTICLE SWARM OPTIMISATION FOR ACOUSTICS AND DAYLIGHT IN ATRIUMS Zhao Wei, Kang Jian, Xu Hongpeng China
20.2 - Perception based models of acoustic environment Can attitude towards greenery mitigate road traffic noise perception? A case study of a highly-noise exposed cycling path Aletta Francesco, Van Renterghem Timothy, Botteldooren Dick Belgium
20.2 - Perception based models of acoustic environment The inaudible soundscape of a wind farm Cooper Steven Australia
20.2 - Perception based models of acoustic environment Distinct categorization strategies for different types of environmental sounds Bones Oliver C., Cox Trevor J., Davies William J. United Kingdom
20.2 - Perception based models of acoustic environment Perception and implementation of quiet areas - Soundscape assets for environmental goodwill in Sweden Mossberg Frans, Cerwén Gunnar Sweden
20.2 - Perception based models of acoustic environment Combined Sound- & Lightwalks. A perception based method to analyze and evaluate the sonic and light environment of our cities at night. Radicchi Antonella, Henckel Dietrich Germany
20.2 - Perception based models of acoustic environment Biologically inspired assessment of noticeability of sound events in context Filipan Karlo, De Coensel Bert, Verhulst Sarah, Botteldooren Dick Belgium
20.2 - Perception based models of acoustic environment Perceived local environmental acoustic quality: benchmarking methods of measurement and analysis Van Kamp Irene, Bild Edda, Van Den Bosch Kirsten, Derksen Thomas, Zentschnig Renate, Huijsman Michiel Netherlands
20.2 - Perception based models of acoustic environment Tracing past perceptions – soundscape as a discovery tool on Mt. Lykaion Jordan Pamela Netherlands
20.3 - Soundscapes of Public Spaces Potential of reverberation in squares for soundscape perception Oberman Tin, Jambrošić Kristian, Bojanić Obad Šćitaroci Bojana, Margaritis Efstathios, Kang Jian Croatia (Hrvatska)
20.3 - Soundscapes of Public Spaces Building façades optimisation at preliminary design stage for outdoor noise mitigation Calleri Cristina, Manca Roberto, Shtrepi Louena , Astolfi Arianna Italy