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Session Lecture Authors Country
18: Room acoustics The acoustic properties of spatial absorbing systems – a model approach Baruch Katarzyna, Majchrzak Aleksandra, Brawata Krzysztof, Kamisiński Tadeusz Poland
18: Room acoustics Acoustic performance analysis of anechoic chambers based on ISO 3745 and ISO 26101: standards comparison and performance analysis of the anechoic chamber at the University of Split Russo Mladen, Kraljevic Luka, Stella Maja, Sikora Marjan Croatia (Hrvatska)
18: Room acoustics Reviewing current standards on room acoustics in dementia care environments to establish a workable meaningful basis for informing future research. Harman Andrea United Kingdom
18: Room acoustics A Comparative Study of Spatial Decoding Methods for Binaural Renderings in 3D Audio Matthew Thomas Sanju, Newton Michael, Hamilton Brian United Kingdom
18: Room acoustics Musicians and their practice rooms: What do they think about present room acoustics and what would they prefer? Knöfel Björn, Weisheit Linda, Troge Jan Germany
18: Room acoustics Energetic Wave Equation for Diffuse Sound Fields Polack Jean-Dominique, Dujourdy Hugo, Pialot Baptiste, Toulemonde Thomas France
18: Room acoustics Characterization of acoustic scattering from objects via near-field measurements Richard Antoine, Fernandez-Grande Efren, Brunskog Jonas, Jeong Cheol-Ho Denmark
18: Room acoustics Applied measurements process for improving room acoustics in children day-care centre Šubic Nika, Dovjak Mateja, Košir Mitja, Pajek Luka, Božiček David, Potočnik Jaka, Prislan Rok, Repše Ana, Kunič Roman Slovenia
18: Room acoustics Comparing Measurement and Simulation Results using Model Calibration for Room Acoustical Evaluation of Industry Halls. Ziegler Thomas Austria
19.1 - Duct Acoustics The Cremer impedance at low frequencies Zhang Zhe , Åbom Mats Sweden
19.1 - Duct Acoustics Determination of nonlinear acoustic properties of perforates using band-limited random excitation Sayyad Khodashenas Niloofar, Bodén Hans, Boij Susann Sweden
19.1 - Duct Acoustics Flow induced noise of resonators on the charged air side – arguing from theory, test stand measurements and simulations to solutions Buck Ralf, Denker Dietrich Germany
19.1 - Duct Acoustics Sound wave attenuation in a duct with a periodic array of ultrathin Helmholtz resonators Cedric Maury, Teresa Bravo France
19.1 - Duct Acoustics A study of sound propagation in ducts with a moving boundary wall Dang Jianwu, Hou Qingzhi, Wang Futang Japan
19.1 - Duct Acoustics Measurement of dissipative silencer performance under a non-planar excitation Williams Paul, Kirby Ray, Thomson Jamie, Hill James United Kingdom
19.1 - Duct Acoustics Acoustic study of different mufflers based on metamaterials using the black hole principle for aircraft industry Deaconu Marius, Radulescu Dan , Vizitiu Georgel Romania
19.1 - Duct Acoustics Design and testing of a muffler for agricultural tractors Piana Edoardo Alessio, Uberti Stefano, Copeta Alessandro, Carlsson Ulf Eric Italy
19.1 - Duct Acoustics In-duct fan acoustic analysis : from a RTD project to a productive software tool Picard Christophe, Finez Arthur , Paillasseur Sébastien France
19.1 - Duct Acoustics Mirco perforated surfaces in HVAC application Sack Stefan, Åbom Mats Sweden
19.1 - Duct Acoustics Review of splitter silencer modeling techniques W Nashed Mina, Elnady Tamer, Åbom Mats Egypt